Beacon of the East: Zen Koh, Rehab Leader & Roboticist, to Represent Asia in IEEE-RAS Humanoids Industry Panel

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, 8th December 2023 –
Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Fourier
Intelligence, will represent Asia at an industry panel at IEEE-RAS.  Carrying the theme: “Research Outcomes for a
Growing Application Landscape,” the conference is scheduled to unfold from the
12th of December to the 14th of December 2023 at the Engineering and
Education Research Centre, University of Toronto, Austin, Texas.

Attended by a diverse range of professionals
and key opinion leaders in the field of robotics, it will allow for fruitful
discussion and collaborations within the field, forging a vibrant environment
where novel concepts and growth opportunities will converge.


Picture 1: Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Group CEO as one of the industry
panellists at IEEE-RAS, alongside leaders from leading humanoid companies.

The event will feature workshops on the
first day, followed by two days for the main conference, which will see a wide
range of activities such as plenaries, keynotes, and interactive sessions. In
addition, this year will also see the commencement of an inaugural humanoid
robotics competition, which will feature a diverse line of humanoid robots
displaying their prowess in real-world obstacles.

Boasting an illustrious career spanning more
than two decades in the robotics and rehabilitation technology sector, Zen Koh will
unveil the latest innovation from Fourier Intelligence, where he will provide
profound insights into the company’s cutting-edge humanoid robotics
technologies during the industry panel. Founded in 2015, Fourier Intelligence
began its journey in developing exoskeletons for rehabilitation and further
diversified its offerings through its humanoid robotics programme. Under the
leadership of Zen Koh, Fourier Intelligence started to research and develop humanoid
robotics to complement its rehabilitation technology solutions. Making its
debut at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2023 in Shanghai, the Humanoid GR-1 took
centre stage.

“It’s an exciting moment for both me and
Fourier Intelligence as we engage in this year’s IEEE-RAS. Over the years,
technology has witnessed remarkable growth. Reflecting on the inception of my
career, the progress we’ve made in robotics is truly impressive. As a
roboticist, witnessing the evolution and fervour in this field is immensely
motivating. Being part of this industry panel holds special significance,
representing a notable milestone for Asia. It serves as a platform to bridge
the gap between East and West, fostering valuable knowledge exchange and
collaboration. Our aim is to propel ‘Rehab 4.0,’ envisioning a sustainable
healthcare ecosystem with robotic assistance. This opportunity is an honor, and
I look forward to contributing to the realisation of this vision,” expressed
Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Fourier Intelligence.

“As the General Chair of IEEE-RAS
Humanoids 2023, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to Fourier
Intelligence. Your global leadership in rehabilitation and humanoid robotics is
immensely appreciated. We are very grateful for your generous support as a
Platinum Sponsor of Humanoids 2023. Thank you, Fourier Intelligence!” said Luis
Sentis, General Chair of IEEE-RAS 2023.

Zen Koh’s “Rehab 4.0” concept will see an
ecosystem where robotics and rehabilitation coincide, allowing for elevated
patient care and protocols to improve recovery outcomes. In addition, it will
also warrant better resource management to remedy the global demand for
healthcare personnel.

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