RESINERGI, a sustainable integrated waste management innovator, has successfully secured early-stage funding from Nauli Energi Ventura.

Resinergi, a pioneering company focusing on sustainable integrated waste management, has effectively secured early-stage funding to kickstart operational activities at its Integrated Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) across various project locations. Nauli Energi Ventura (NEV) stands as the primary investor contributing to this funding.

Representing NEV, Karmia Tandjung expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Resinergi as they endeavor to revolutionize waste management into a more sustainable practice. Through this investment, we aim to support Resinergi’s growth and development as a trailblazer in the eco-friendly waste management industry. We are confident that with their strong vision and commitment, Resinergi will play a pivotal role in creating a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.”

Welcoming this achievement, Resinergi’s co-founder and CEO, Glory Harimas Sihombing, declared, “With this funding, our intention is to build and expand operations in Ponorogo and Bangkalan. This initiative is highly positive as having an integrated and efficient MRF is crucial for sustainable waste management. Additionally, we are in the process of formulating a business plan for expansion, including the construction of a mega site valued at US$10 million.”

Resinergi has outlined a strategic plan for implementing waste processing projects. The company has already constructed physical infrastructure such as internal and external area buildings, educational facilities, access roads, and machine installations, crucial steps in ensuring the smooth operation of the MRF in Ponorogo.

Moreover, Resinergi has also created 50 job openings for the MRF in Ponorogo, targeting mid-Juni 2024 for commissioning tests and inauguration by the Regent of Ponorogo. Resinergi has already recruited dozens of local employees to operate at the Ponorogo Waste Management Facility, which is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy and community involvement in waste management.

Additionally, Resinergi has enhanced power and electrical installations, finalized detailed engineering designs for MRF Bangkalan in 2024, and allocated budgetary resources for associated activities. It is targeted to commence operations by mid-July 2024 and will be officially inaugurated by the Regent on August 17, 2024

Aligned with a vision to promote the implementation of a circular economy in waste management, Resinergi’s co-founders, Glory Harimas Sihombing, Bhima Aries Diyanto, I Dewa Made Agung, Aditha Setyawan, Mesianti Tobing, and Beny Handoyo, jointly committed in mid-2023 to providing integrated solutions in environmentally friendly and sustainable waste management through the establishment of Resinergi. The infrastructure developed aims to mitigate the negative environmental impact of waste accumulation while raising public awareness about the importance of proper waste management practices.

With the support of early-stage funding, Resinergi is confident in accelerating the development process of MRF in Ponorogo and Bangkalan, thereby not only benefiting the surrounding environment but also creating new economic opportunities through job creation and fostering local community development in waste management.

Driven by a spirit of innovation and unwavering commitment, Resinergi is poised to lead the way in transforming and creating a cleaner, healthier environment.

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